Cedric Dean In the Media

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SAVE Mentoring Program Testimonies

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The World's Greatest

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Big Ten Super Community Outreach Event

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Feeding the Community

See what the Community Empowerment Initiative is really about!!!

Changing the World One child at a time

 With the same character-centered activism that has already reached tens of thousands of federal and state prisoners, Cedric Dean proves how the SAVE program he produced in prison can be used to make children job-ready instead of jail-ready. 

Community empowerment initiative

Cedric Dean is destined to become the preeminent character builder for misguided children, providing a new benchmark on a very vital global problem. 

Cedric in the community

Cedric Dean has proven that a village can still save a child. He has demonstrated what happens when all people with common causes work together regardless of who they are or what they have done.