Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. (Proverbs 22:6) 

Corporate Code Atlanta &
Safeguard Atone Validate Educate (SAVE) and Martin Luther King H.S. (Lithonia, GA)


Career Day

January 19, 2013, 11 am – 5pm


Presenting workshops on job readiness and career planning for the local teen community.  Local and national organizations will participate to offer tips and advice on applying and interviewing for jobs.   Several businesses will be on hand to interview and offer jobs on the spot.

Clothing Drive - Student of MLK are asked to donate gently used or new clothing which will be donated to 3 local homeless shelters and runaway centers.

"Continuing the Protocol for Saving America's Youth"



Make a Plan, Make a Commitment, Make a Difference....

To address the dire state of emergency regarding juvenile crime and violence, we have created Save A Child Month, a national initiative designed to help reduce delinquency and victimization among our most disadvantaged and at-risk youth. My provisional plan can be observed and amended to meet the immediate needs of any child in any situation - no matter what: No Child Left Behind.

We chose the month of January because it marks the birthday of the man who greatly influenced the movement of human rights - Martin Luther King, Jr. Moreover, January has much more than, Dr. King to show for its significance in America's history. Most notably: January 20, 2009, Barack Obama was inaugurated as the first African-American president and the country's 44th president.

Overall, this initiative works to dismantle the pipeline to imprisonment and often premature death, and replace it with preventive supports and services children need, such as access to quality early childhood development and education services and unconditional love and unwavering attention.

Our vision with this initiative is to enable at risk children to engage in wholesome, enjoyable activities during and after school, with their peers, in safe places, and under the supervision of responsible adults. We also want to help children develop teamwork, job and leadership skills while participating in sports, games, workshops, seminars, and community service activities.

The need for effective approaches that will prevent crimes by and against at risk youth is pressing, as our youth continue to be at increasing risk for victimization and serious delinquency, with several factors playing important roles:

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions, to pledge your support or offer ideas!

Thank you for your consideration.  We hope that you will be in agreement with this initiative.

Cedric Dean, Founder Safeguard Atone Validate Educate (SAVE)

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”   - Eleanor Roosevelt

Community Involvement & Partners

Contact Your Public Official

How can I contact my Congressional Representatives about save about Save a Child Month?
* Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202)-224-3121 and give the operator your zip code or go to the website to look up the names or your U.S. Senators and to to find your U.S. Representative's name.

You can also contact the Governor and Mayor of your respective state or city.
*Request a face-to-face meeting with your local, state, or federal office-holders (or their aides).
*Write a direct-request letter, specifically asking for the office-holder to speak at your Save a Child event.
*Call or email your office-holder and make a direct-request for he or she to publicly support and endorse Save a Child Month.

Operation T.H.U.G.S (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls)

We are a group of men & women from different churches who share the same passion to reach out to the lost. This mission is bigger than just one church, this is a Body movement & we represent UNITY in the Body of Christ.

Being from the streets before God transformed us into NEW CREATIONS (2Cor.5:17), we have been called back into those same streets in which we once roamed. Christ gave us a compassion to connect with the community by showing them that we care. We don't go out to condemn them we just go out there to love them and to show them we care and to give them hope & that hope is in Jesus the Christ.

Corporate Code is a nonprofit program designed to provide interview appropriate attire and career counseling to displaced and disengaged men in metropolitan Atlanta. 

Corporate Code is designed to expand the participation and leadership of displaced men in our community – the homeless, formerly incarcerated, and/or unemployed. The goal is to help them gain economic independence by providing interview-appropriate clothing and career counseling. By building self-confidence, Corporate Code strives to ease the transition to gainful employment.

Corporate Code not only provides men with interview-appropriate attire, but also offers the necessary resources and ongoing support services vital to help them succeed in the workplace. Corporate Code hosts monthly seminars that focus on issues that increase job retention and promotion, including, but not limited to:

    Financial planning and budgeting
    Time management
    Conflict resolution
    Stress management
    Effective communication

These ongoing support services are a key component used in career development. They encourage continued growth and increased opportunities for our clients who are looking to excel in their new jobs.

SACM Community Leaders

Aaron Baker - National Teen Director

In this position, Baker is tasked with bringing awareness of the campaign to middle & high school students.  He is a High School Senior.  Baker is on the soccer team and vice president of the Sigma Beta Club, an 4x AP student, and 2nd Vice President for Sigma Beta Club and Step Team.  In January 2013, Baker and his school mates will be organizing events within the community and bringing awareness to the campaign to youth and young adults nationwide.

Karen Keller - New York Regional Director

An early education assistant teacher. Keller is currently attending college to obtain her Masters in Early Childhood Education.  She is he mother of 2 sons.  Charged with bringing awareness to the NY region, Keller will be initiating events and opportunities within the Far Rockaway, NY community including food and clothing drives which will be delivered to teen runaway and homeless centers and working with local law officials on the Gang Treaty.

Larry Bluford Jr. West Coast Regional Director

Larry D. Bluford, Jr., President and Founder of Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls), is a speaker, evangelist and a Christian that uses rap as a creative way to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the youth. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but have been residing in the Northern Bay of California for over 30 years.



(Address of Official)


Safeguard Atone Validate Educate last January 2012 launched Save a Child Month, an annual, international initiative designed to dismantle the pipeline that leads to juvenile delinquency, imprisonment, and premature death. The initiative endured much success and was very responsive to the needs and lifestyles of juvenile delinquents. I would like (official's office name) to endorse and promote January 2013 as Save a Child Month.

The problems of juveniles and delinquency are not bounded by race, color, or creed. I am convinced that juvenile delinquency is a problem that requires not only coordinated efforts on behalf of social service agencies and coordinated judicial agencies but also coordinated community campaigns. Safeguard Atone Validate Educate plans to link law enforcement, clergy, community leaders and educators during Save a Child Month so that juveniles involved with crime, drugs, gangs, and violence can receive the assistance they need.

I strongly encourage you to endorse and support January 2013 as Save a Child Month, and I believe that, working together, we can develop effective practices to reduce juvenile delinquency and violence and its negative effects on our communities.


(Your Name)

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(Attach the Statement of Principles for Save a Child Month with your letter)

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